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Nevon Sales CRM Android App
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Although a career in sales provides an impressively high earning potential in terms of commission, sales executives need to constantly keep themselves ahead of the curve to make sure they survive the cutthroat competition.
To ensure a maximal conversion rate from their leads, sales executives need to keep themselves on their toes.

Whether it’s organizing and scheduling sales calls or keeping track and following up with leads, the importance of having a proper management system can’t be understated. This Sales CRM Android App aims to be an effective tool to assist sales executives with keeping an accurate and detailed record of their clients, leads, opportunities, etc.

Along with maintaining accurate records, this application also helps sales executives monitor their sales figures in real-time and track the conversion rate of their leads. Moreover, this application also provides a forecast of future sales.

This application also enables sales executive to mark the leads according to their location, thus making it easy for sales executives to manage their territory.

This system is a complete package of a Sales CRM, this project related to sales. This app will help to the user to see the profit and loss data using the Chart and ExcelSheet Format.
In this project there is only one user who can login with already existed in database. On Home Screen user can see the No. of leads and business profile and loss. And it also shows the list of Option’s in Navigation Drawer. Like, Lead, Organization, Quotation, Communication, Sales Prediction, Sales Reports.

In Leads, shows list of leads, and user can add new lead with Basic Information, Address, Location Details. In Contact, shows list of contact and user want to add new contact with Basic Information and Address, Location Details. User can all any of them with their contact number. For Opportunity and organization same as Leads and contacts, user can view the list of opportunity and organization and can add new in it. The list of quotation will show as per their status. Like, Pending and Rejected. User can add new Quotation and fill the details. Like, Choose User Type (Individual, Organization), name, contact number, subject, list of products with their quantity, adjustment, Sales tax, Excise duty, Business Address, Shipping Address, Due Date, Carrier, Commission and paid amount. User can Choose Product by Search Dialog. In Territory, shows the list of contacts with their name, type and location, user can sort the data Like, Individual, Organization.

If user want to see the location of that user so, he /she have to click on location icon and user can remove from the list. In Communication, shows the list of contact with name and organisation name. User can call, txt, mail and can sort with lead and organisation.
In sales forecast, shows the data of Sales Prediction same as ExcelSheet. It shows the how much profile, loss, Converted, Not Converted in which month. In Sales reports, it shows the data in chart and user sort it in month, year, and quarterly.


  • User can only login with already existed id with database.
  • User can store and view Lead’s, Organisation’s, Location’s Latitude, Longitude.
  • User can call on provided number.
  • Sales Forecast, shows the Converted, Not Converted, Percentage, Profile, Loss by month.
  • Sales Reports, shows the data in charts and can sort by Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly.


  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.
  • Internet Connection is mandatory.

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