Online Unused Medicine Donation for NGOs

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This unused medicine donation project aims to donate medicines which are not used. The unused medicine can be donated for further utilization by a needy person. This drug donation system helps the user to donate unused medicines to NGO. In this medicine donation system, there are three entities namely, Admin, NGO and Member. Admin will login and manage members by deleting and blocking the users providing improper or expired medicines. Admin also has authority to approve the appointment requested by NGO. Admin has monthly report of medicines which has been donated. NGO can register and login using credentials. They can raise a request of appointment which is furthermore approved and scheduled by admin. NGO manages the stock which helps to maintain a record of the available medicine. In case of security NGO can also change their password. Members can register and login using credentials. They can donate medicine by providing medicines details and raising request, further it will be approved by an admin, they will schedule the donating date. Members can also check their previous data of medicine transactions.

  • It helps poor people for medication.
  • It will help to maintain records of medicines
  • Many needy people will get cured.
  • This application requires an active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.