Online Unused Medicine Donation for NGOs

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Nevon Unused Medicine Donation software system
nevon software

To meet the increasing demand for improvements in the health care facilities & services we can utilize the power of internet technology & its wide network, by which people can help each other with just one click from their phone. The Medicine Donation system proposed here aims at providing an online platform for donating medicines or unused medicines to needy people. Users can register themselves on this system by submitting their necessary details.

Once registered the users can donate the medicines by providing accurate medicine details to NGOs. The system has the authority to block the users if they raise a request to donate improper or expired medicines. The system will maintain a record of donated & available medicines. The users can raise a request to donate or avail the medicines.

This medicine donator project is to prepare a portal for the collection of unused medicine for further utilization by a needy person. The website must be like user can donate the unused medicine to NGO. That NGO can help needy people. The user can donate the medicine. Many poor people who do not afford to buy their own medicines, with help of this website people can get the treatment and medicines to cure the respective diseases, the unused medicine will be utilized.

  • It helps poor people for medication.
  • It will help to maintain records of medicines
  • Many needy people will get cured.
  • This application requires an active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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