Android Bookaholics Circle

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This project aims to create an Android Application to allow book enthusiasts to have a platform where they can exchange, borrow and sell pre-owned books. It will also allow the fan base of popular books and book series to discuss as well as publish fan-written stories. In this android application there are three major aspects namely, User Profile, Chat window, and Group discussion platform. In the User Profile, the users will create their profile on the app and list down the books they own and the genre of their interest. Based on the interest’s searches will be filtered. In the chat window, the users who intend to exchange, borrow and sell the books can talk to each other. In this group discussion platform, people can talk and share their opinions and theories about a certain book as well as their fan fiction. Users can talk share their thoughts with people of similar interests. Students who wish to sell their previous year’s books will be given a separate section wherein they can specify their course so as to attract junior students.

  • People can exchange, sell, buy books just by sitting at home.
  • It saves time and money.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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