Workflow Management System for MNC

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This project is very helpful for manage employee’s workload; it consists of employee working details, employee leave details, employee designation details, employee experience details, software project information, number of resources allocated to the project, project completion details.
Employee salary details, etc. This .Net application mainly works with three modules those are administrator module for manage the company, project engineer module for developing software application and project manager module for managing the project.

  • By automating the business process, many unnecessary steps can be eliminated
  • Through the process modeling and standardization of the business processes better management of the processes is achieved
  • Because the processes are controlled by software, they can be adapted proactively with the changing business needs
  • With the use of the process models much information about the process’s performance can be found and the process can be improved
  • System may provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly

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