Secured Merchant Payment using Biometric Transaction

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Biometrics plays an important role for security which is efficient in the years to come. Organizations will capitalize on the combined effect of biometrics and tokenization to strengthen security, cut payment fraud costs, while eliminating the inconvenience and anxiety of using and protecting payment cards and card data during biometric payments. Proposed system is accessed by three entities namely, Admin, Merchant and User. Admin need to login with their valid login credentials first in order to access the android application. After successful login, admin can access all the modules and perform/manage each task accurately. Admin can login and perform task such as add new users with details, manage added user like editing or deleting details if needed. Admin can add new merchant with details such as basic, shop/office, license and bank details. All the added merchant details can be managed by the admin. Merchant need to login in order to access the system. Merchant can initiate new transaction and enter details such as amount and description and for verification, merchant need to scan and verify his/her fingerprint to complete the transaction. All the completed transaction can be viewed by the merchant based on selected date range. User can login into the system and perform task such as view own profile details and view transaction history.

  • Application is very fast
  • Easy-to-use
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • May provide incorrect results if data not entered correctly.

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