Web Based Place Finder Using Django Python

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Nevon Place Finder Using Django Python
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Having an accurate location finder application has become more the way important nowadays as most of the people prefer searching for places & locations on the web. Many a time even the popular location & navigation applications lead people in the wrong direction wasting their valuable time. Hence, there is a need to build a more accurate & efficient location or place finder system. Many leading retailers and local businesses use geolocation tracking applications to increase their visibility on maps where the customers can locate them easily.

By using these applications, they guide their customers to locate their store easily & also help them to choose an easy and efficient pickup & delivery location. Also, many popular ride-sharing & courier transportation companies incorporate such application systems for pairing customers with nearby drivers.

The Web-based Location Finder system proposed here is developed to serve the same purpose. This Location Finder application is designed using Django python frameworks. This Place Finder app will help users to locate nearby restaurants, hospitals, local businesses & services, etc.

This place finder application is designed using two powerful frameworks of python, Django and Javascript. Django makes it easy for developers to build prototypes quickly. This location tracker system has 2 modules namely, Admin and User. Admin can add all the locations in the database. Users can view all nearby places from his/her current location


  • Can get information as per needs.
  • Easy to access the system from anywhere and anytime.


  • This application requires active internet connection

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