Web-based Chat Application with Webcam using PHP

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A web chat is a system that enables users to communicate in real time using simply accessible web interfaces. It is a kind of web online chat distinguished by its simplicity and accessibility to users who don’t want to require the time to install and learn to use specialized chat software. It is a chatting application that will help to communicate with friends using the internet. This application is having AES encryption. In this chat application project, there is one entity namely the user. User needs to register and obtain credentials to login onto the application. User can select the time from 5 sec to 10 sec or Infinite time. After receiving a text message, it will disappear within the selected time limit. Users can share files and they can also click pictures with a webcam. User needs to search for friends by using email id and contact number.

  • We can have one-on-one chatting.
  • It helps to connect long distance people.
  • It helps to maintain safety of chat.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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