Online Private Tutors Finder System

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The system of private tuition has been in existence in India for a long time but in recent times it has grown in manifold affecting the core of the educational system. This private tutor system will help to find tuition teachers from nearby locations. Teachers can also get a student just by logging onto the website and setting up the profile. In the personal tutor finder system, there are three entities namely, Admin, Parents, and Tutor. Admin can login, manage tutor by adding new teachers and update their profiles. Admin can also manage E-books by adding new books to the library. Admin can also check for the registered parents. Admin will register tutors and credentials will be shared with tutors by Email. Parents can register and login, tutors can be viewed by parents. Parents can filter and select the tutor and after selecting parents will raise the request of the demo lecture. After attending the lecture, they can book the tutor online, rate the tutor and view the E-Books. The tutor can login by using credentials that will be provided by mail. They can check for the request for a demo lecture and accept the request. They can also check the booking done. They need to set their profile. This private tuition system can help the tutors to get students and parents to find the best tutors for their children.

  • Elimination of travel time for both parents and tutors.
  • Parents can get highly qualified tutors at affordable prices.
  • Tutors shares a wealth of knowledge, experience, and academic degrees which they have.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User need to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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