Web Agent For Learning Content Updating

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Today’s we usually require systems for auto content updating as per updates on a remote server. Our system allows implementing this mechanism by using an enhanced system. The system is a part of the N2SW(Network to Software) algorithm that allows for effective communication between a network server and remote client using an active internet connection. The algorithm is built for secure and effective communication between client and server machines. The system acts as a web agent between the online server and client machines. The client machine consists of teaching content database. This content is constantly scanned and compared with online version for any updates/variations. Any updates on server are constantly being monitored. An update on server must be instantly reflected on client system. This our server instantly updates for any changes by pinging it and the client thus allows server to transfer the updated set of data to on it. The client does not necessarily be connected to internet all the time. If an update occurs and internet connection is disabled, the system waits to get an active internet connection for receiving the update. This allows us to put forth a secure and efficient teaching system that stays updated with server content.

  • It decreases the teacher efforts for constantly being updated about the topic.
  • They do not need to manually enter the data, it directly gets updated from website.
  • Only Textual data is auto updated, Videos have to be manually added.
  • May led to data/time Lag at times.

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