Tab Based Library Book Availability & Location Finder On Wifi

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Large libraries usually have thousands of books kept at different locations. It is sometimes tedious to search for book locations. It is also necessary to know weather a book is available or not at the library. So here we propose a tab based system that guides the user at librarian counter itself about book availability as well as book location if book is available. If book is unavailable the tab even guides the user about the book return date so that he may return that exact day. The tab based system allows user to search for books across various categories and check their availability and location at the counter itself.
The system also consists of and admin server/PC used by the librarian to insert data about new books. Update book availability status as well as book location as and when needed. This data is reflected in the tab through a wifi connection. The tab works in coordination with the server PC through a wifi based connection. The system does not need any internet since it works on a local Wifi connection.
The system can be further extended using barcoding system to issue and maintain records just by scanning and no manual entry.

  • The system can be used in any library no matter how big it is.
  • It excludes the manually finding books.
  • Admin can updated the place of books when they are shifted.
  • Registered user can only login and use this system.
  • Saves time and reduces human efforts.
  • User must have an android device for using this system.

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