Warehouse Management System

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The Warehouse Management System is a real-time warehouse database capable of handling large inventories of an organization. This can be used to track the inventory of a single store, or to manage the distribution of stock between several stores of a larger franchise. However, the system merely records sales and restocking data and provides notification of low stock at any location at a specified interval. The goal is to reduce the strain of tracking rather than to handle all store maintenance. The main goal of Warehouse Management System is to ensure consistent availability of supplies for consumers. Thus, Warehouse Management System is directed toward owners of small to large stores and stock managers who are responsible of maintaining sufficient goods on hand in a retail or manufacturing business. It can scale from a single computer running both client and server software up to multiple stores and warehouses.The system is also capable of tracking In & Out transaction of single or multiple stores as well as also generates their billing details. The system generates monthly reports of sales from which a manager of a respective store would be able to know the monthly sales transaction done. Warehouse Management system is a Desktop application.

  • System is capable to provide reports on monthly basis.
  • System allows admin to generate a bill for every In & Out transaction.
  • Speed and Efficiency: A computerized warehouse management system makes everything from inputting information to taking inventory easier. The most effective warehouse system products raise your operating performance which leads to more productivity. It ensures smooth production operations by maintaining reasonable stocks of materials.
  • Lowering of Costs: Many companies invest huge amounts of money for his or her warehouse.
  • It facilitates regular and timely supply to customers through adequate stocks of finished products.
  • Accuracy Issues: A computerized system alone does not ensure accuracy, and the warehouse data is only as good as the data entry that created it.
  • The control of inventories is complex because of the many functions it performs. It should be viewed as shared responsibilities.

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