Smart Android Graphical Password Strategy

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Graphical Password application allows the user to set a pattern password for using the other applications. The pattern are some set of fruits which randomly changes its position every time you try to login. The user has to provide his details for registration and then has to draw a pattern as a password by drawing it twice. The user has to select an application while registration itself and can have multiple accounts for every single application. The pattern is a 4X4 Grid consisting of multiple fruits images, the user has to drag or draw at least over 4 fruits for the application to consider his pattern lock. The Application auto generates a Unique Id for every User who wants to register. After the user has successfully registered he is redirected to the Login page where he has to provide his Id and Pattern Password from which the selected application by the user during the registration opens up.

  • The Pattern Changes for every login.
  • The Pattern is a 4X4 Grid collection of fruits.
  • The User has to draw over at least 4 fruits for his registration to be successful.
  • Every Application can have different pattern password.
  • Every User can select only 1 application for every registration.
  • The User can’t select a single or less than fruits as a password.

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