Veterinary Appointment Scheduling App Flutter

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Veterinarians are medical professionals who manage reproductive health and injuries in animals. Moreover, Vets also play a vital role in ensuring animal reproduction, animal health management, conservation, breeding and preventive medicine like animal nutrition, bio security, etc.

Providing adequate veterinarian care is undeniably crucial to ensure the health and wellbeing of animals. Developed using flutter, this Vet Care App helps users connect with their veterinarians with ease. This system consists of three entities; The Doctor, The Assistant, and the User.

The User can add their pets and manage their information. User can also book appointments for their pets using this application. Users can even use this application to notify regarding emergencies. Doctors can use this application to approve/reject appointments and allot users with a suitable slot. Doctors can also answer any queries asked by the user.

Doctor’s assistant can view the list of scheduled visits along with the nature of the visit. In this system, the User can book an appointment for a vet, the appointment has a lot of details to put on, like nature of appointment, doctor can update if any sample needs to be collected wherein, he can appoint an assistant to go and collect or doctor home visit is required etc. Doctor and the user can ask queries with respect to the appointment, its not a chat module.


  • Appointment can be doctor visit or home visit
  • Doctor can send someone to take any sample of the pet
  • Appointments can be cancelled within a period
  • Includes an option for Emergency in nature of appointment