Mental Health Check app using NLP Flutter

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Nevon Mental Health Check app using NLP Flutter
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Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioural, and emotional well-being. Positive mental health allows an individual to realize their full potential, cope with the stresses of life in a healthy manner, improve their productivity at work and give back to their community and the society. The term “Mental Health” is often used to denote the absence of mental disorders that could impede the well-being of an individual.

Individuals battling mental health issues might often need to reach out to others for help. However, due to the fear of facing judgement, they often end up bottling up their issues and living in denial causing their mental health to further deteriorate.

Developed using Flutter this Mental Health application allows users to talk with the chatbot. Users can either communicate using chat or directly talk using the speech to text function.
Using Google NLP, this system then gauges the emotions of the users and provides them with any required help.

In this system, the User will be able to chat with the bot, not will have specific questions to which he will monitor how the user is responding and based on a set of categories made with the use of Google NLP we detect emotions and AI we suggest to user with a video link to yoga, exercises, motivational videos to boost him and help to make his mental health better from the current mood.


  • Google NLP is used
  • Videos are YouTube links.
  • User has to create an account