Real Time Global Weather Monitoring App Flutter

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Nevon Real Time Global Weather Monitoring App Flutter
nevon software

Weather forecasting is the application of science and technology to predict the state of the atmosphere for a given location. Ancient weather forecasting methods usually relied on observed patterns of events, also termed pattern recognition. For example, it might be observed that if the sunset was particularly red, the following day often brought fair weather. However, since weather is unpredictable most of the times not all of these predictions prove reliable.

This Weather Monitor App provides the user with real time weather information. This system is dynamic and updated on an hourly basis thus allowing to keep up with the ever-changing weather.
Moreover, this system works globally thereby proving to be an extremely efficient tool for both tourists, as well as frequent travelers.

In this system, the User will be checking all the weather information inside on app itself. We are using Open weather maps to get all the Weather Information. User can real time weather information for the current location, user can change the location by searching or choosing location from map. Hourly weather information can also be seen.


  • Real time weather information
  • Hourly weather information
  • Can check for every location on planet