Property Registration Management System using Blockchain

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Nevon Property Registration Management System using Blockchain
nevon software

People seeking to buy Land often have to go through rigorous surveying and researching to find a plot that suits their needs and matches their budget. Even after a person finds the ideal land, they might find themselves swamped with paperwork and documentation to get the land transferred and registered under their name.

Personal data required to successfully execute the paperwork of a land deal is often very sensitive and it is highly crucial that the data be properly safeguarded to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. This Blockchain based Land Registries System comprises the following two entities: The Registrar (i.e., The Admin) and The User.

Once the User has created their profile and logged in to the system, they can look for land available for sale and view relevant details about the current owner and the pending status.
Users can bookmark plots that they like and later view them under the bookmarks section of the application. The Registrar can add, view, or update details about the land along with information pertaining to the ownership. They can also verify the data with blocks created to find signs of tampering.

In this system, the registrar is the only person who can add new land entry/ transferring/selling etc. with all user, land and valuation information. Since we are saving the data with blockchain nobody can temper any information and if they did the registrar will know it. The User app has the ability to get details about a land or a request and can bookmark it. Well User cannot see history about the land but only the current owner details.


  • Land details can be edited/added only by Land Registrar
  • the purchase/sell history is visible and cannot be tampered
  • User can monitor all the chain and status