Using Upstream Hop by Hop protocol For congestion control

A network congestion leading to packet loss, power over utilization due to retransmissions as well as packet drops in wireless sensor networks (WSN’s). It becomes quite important here to control and avoid such congestion’s precisely. This can be achieved using an upstream hop-by-hop protocol for congestion control (UHCC) which is proposed on a cross layer design. The UHCC protocol takes advantages of the unoccupied buffer sizes along with the rate of traffic at MAC layer of individual nodes as a congestion level indicator. Depending on this info it adjusts every upstream traffic rate as per its node propriety (SP), in order to mitigate congestion hop by hop. Well after all simulation results validate that UHCC protocol achieves a higher throughput, increased priority based fairness along with a lesser packet loss ratio as compared to Congestion control & fairness (CCF) as well as priority based congestion control (PCCP) protocols.

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