Efficient Energy Consumption by REB-R Protocol for WSN

One of the important goals of designing a routing algorithm is to manage the power consumption in a sensor network. Since the most important consumption area in routing is the use of signals and antennas. Our system proposes an energy efficient routing protocol known as Remaining energy based routing (REB-R). The concept of REB-R is to broadcast the energy remaining alongside the data inside packet data without calculating a parameter, in accordance to the remaining energy and broadcasting it.
RER-B can be compared with 2 of the other protocols viz AODV and T-ANT. So since we need to compare RER-B with those protocols we run T-ANT inside NS2 simulator and AODV setup is modified in order to support power consumption.
Considering 200 nodes in a particular network, RER-B utilizes less than 50% of the power as compared to other two protocols. T-ANT and AODV save less than 22% nodes while REB-R saves all nodes while simulation.

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