MANET- Secure/Fast Data Transfer

A mobile adhoc network is a type of network in which various mobile hosts are tied together in a multihop wireless link. The network is very mobile that means the nodes in it can change their positions randomly. A routing protocol capable of adjusting to topology changes is needed for fast data transfers. So here our system proposes a secure yet quick protocol having a proactive as well as reactive in nature. Proactive protocols undergo routing table updates as soon as a topology change takes place. Routers having dynamic routing protocols need to have fast convergence to avoid incorrect forwarding decisions before full network convergence. In proactive networks, a newly added node may require time to converge in it. Immediate data transfer through that node is not transfer until the node has fully converged into the network. On such times we use reactive protocols. Reactive protocols are used for the times when proactive nodes are being converged into the network. Proactive protocol structure has a low packet size and possesses only limited fields. Our system proposes to make data transmission as early as possible by removing the wait time. Also our system integrates a security framework for detecting malicious nodes with the use of central and process algorithm.

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