University Campus Online Automation Using Cloud Computing

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University campus online automation system, is a recruitment system that is beneficial for a college student, college placement faculty and Companies visiting the campus. This software has three login portal, for students, placement faculty and companies visiting the campus. Students will enter all their personal as well as professional while registering themselves into the system. The faculty can register themselves by entering their details like, employee id, subject and position. The Companies register with their company name, Job title, No. of vacancy, Job description, Job profile, Criteria. The students can view and apply to the companies. The companies can view the list of student profile who have applied to the particular company. The admin of the system, has the access to all the portal. He handles all the three logins credentials. The admin can add, delete or edit information when need be. He collects all the details of the students and send to the faculty members. All the details are stored in the cloud which is very easy to access for the admin any time. As, the project files and a database file will be stored into the Azure cloud, the project will be accessed in the web browser through Azure link.

  • Reduces work of the recruitment faculty.
  • The company can view all students’ detail and system can shortlist students according to their criteria instead of doing manually.
  • It helps to review and manage the resulting applications efficiently through the web.
  • Student can register online instead of going to placement department for registration.
  • Needs active internet connection to connect with cloud server.
  • Student can’t edit their application once sent. It would require admin to change the data.

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