Transformer Conversational Chatbot in Python using TensorFlow 2.0

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Chatbots is a computer program that conducts a conversation through auditory or textual methods. Conversational chatbots is a trending topic in artificial intelligence research. These bots are often powered by retrieval-based models, which outputs predefined responses to questions of certain forms. Chatbots, too often are unable to understand our intentions, have trouble getting us the correct information, and are sometimes just exasperatingly difficult to deal with. Deep learning is one of the most effective method in tackling this tough task. TensorFlow 2.0 are with all changes and improvements that can be used for building complicated models with ease. This chatbot will use Cornell Movie-Dialogs Corpus for conversation. Cornell Movie-Dialogs Corpus was used as the dataset. Implementing Multi-Head Attention with Model sub-classing. Implementing a Transformer with Functional API.

  • Chatbots learns and updates themselves from interactions
  • It provides multiple customer handling
  • 24/7 availability
  • Requires active internet connection
  • Sometimes are unable to understand

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