Three Level Password Authentication System

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The project is an authentication system that validates user for accessing the system only when they have input correct password. The project involves three levels of user authentication. There are varieties of password systems available, many of which have failed due to bot attacks while few have sustained it but to a limit. In short, almost all the passwords available today can be broken to a limit. Hence this project is aimed to achieve the highest security in authenticating users.
It contains three logins having three different kinds of password system. The password difficulty increases with each level. Users have to input correct password for successful login. Users would be given privilege to set passwords according to their wish. The project comprises of text password i.e. pass phrase, image based segmentation password and graphical password for the three levels respectively. This way there would be negligible chances of bot or anyone to crack passwords even if they have cracked the first level or second level, it would be impossible to crack the third one. Hence while creating the technology the emphasis was put on the use of innovative and nontraditional methods. Many users find the most widespread text-based password systems unfriendly, so in the case of three level password we tried creating a simple user interface and providing users with the best possible comfort in solving password.

  • The system is user-friendly and has simple interface.
  • Provides strong security against bot attacks or hackers.
  • Users can set or upload their own images.
  • Protects systems vulnerable to attacks.
  • The only disadvantage is if users forget the password, it cannot retrieve it.

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