Clinic Management System

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The project clinic management is a software developed to simplify the communication process between the doctor and the receptionist. The software would be operated by two admins one is doctor and the other is receptionist. Receptionist would be responsible for assigning token numbers to the patient visiting the clinic and save it in the database along with their details. These token numbers along with respective patient details are sent to doctor. The doctor can thus view patient details and after checking up the patient, the recommended medicines for the particular patient are fed into the database by the doctor and are sent to receptionist. The receptionist can then generate bill and feed into the database. The system also maintains patient’s history so that doctor or receptionist can view them anytime. The system can thus reduce complexity in maintaining patient’s records. The project is developed on platform and is supported by a Sql database to store user specific details.

  • The system automates the manual procedure of managing clinic activities.
  • Doctors can view their patients’ treatment records and details easily.
  • It even generates an instant bill thus eliminates the need of maintaining paper records for patient stay for each day.
  • The system is convenient and flexible to be used.
  • It saves their time, efforts, money and resources.

  • Requires large database.
  • The user has to manually keep updating the information by entering the details in the system.

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