The Cibil System Project Php

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A cibil system to keep tracks of peoples credit scores and dues of a particular person. The system is similar to the real cibil system with an enhancement (Here the defaulter can view his status and can apply for improvement by good behavior). This software system provides an option of admin login, Cibil associates login and individual login. Here, cibil associates are banks or companies who want to report faulty members. They may send faulty member data and this is passed on to the cibil admin. The cibil admin can view the data and approve after inspection. The system provides an option of member login for which a member first needs to register. He can then check if he is listed in the black list and for what. The blacklisted member may then apply for the removal along with the receipt of fine paid or other documents of proved good behavior. Thus, the cibil system is a fully functional user-friendly project.

  • Individuals can view their credit ratings without going to the company for enquiry.
  • Individuals can even apply for improvement online.
  • Saves user time and money.
  • Automates the process of credit score calculation.
  • Saves organization resources and efforts.
  • No human interaction.
  • Requires internet connection.

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