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Online Election System would have Candidate registration, document verification, auto-generated User ID and pass for candidate and Voters. Election Commission will handle Admin Login and Candidate will handle Candidate Login. Voters will get Unique ID and Password, Using which they can vote for a Candidate only once per Election. The project is beneficial for Election Commission, for voters as the can get to know the candidate background and choose wisely, and even for Candidate. The software system allows the Candidate to login in to their profiles and upload all their details including their previous milestone onto the system. The admin can check each Candidate details and verify the documents. Candidate’s ID and Password will be generated only after the verification, and faulty accounts will be removed. The software system allows Voters to view a list of Candidates in their area. The admin has overall rights over the system and can moderate and delete any details not pertaining to Election Rules.


  • Admin Login
  • Candidate Document Verification.
  • Candidate Login
  • Voters Login
  • Voters can view Candidate’s data
  • Admin dashboard has overall functional rights
  • Appropriate data processing and handling
  • System generated ID and Password for Candidate and Voters.
  • Result Calculation module
  • Election Creation module
  • Voting conduction module

  • Fast and easy way of conducting Election.
  • Voters can view background of each Candidate.
  • Candidate can present themselves against voters.
  • Admin can verify the documents and details of Candidate.
  • System Generated Unique ID and Password gives more Secure Logins.
  • Result will be out after 2 Hrs of Election.
  • Chances of hacking candidate or voters account.
  • Every voter does not have pc or net connection, so voters can even go in polling booth and vote online there.

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