Text Translation App Using Google API

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Over the years, language differences have complicated the meaningful transmission of information. In today’s world, language interpreters must comprehend and speak both the language being translated into and the language being translated from. This conventional method of resolving the problem of linguistic variations has not been fruitful or beneficial.

Furthermore, due to linguistic differences, teaching other languages might be challenging. The individual will also need to be taught by a tutor, which may involve additional costs and may not be the most effective and advantageous option. As a result, we have built an android-based project written in JAVA to aid learning and language translation while also facilitating stress-free communication.

Translation App uses Google Translate API to translate entered text or message into a selected language. For instance, if the user entered text in English & translation language is selected as Marathi, the google translation API will translate it into the Marathi Language.

The recognition engine for the Neural Machine Translation (NMT) model in the Google Translation API supports more than a hundred languages. Language code parameters are used to specify these languages within a recognition request.

Users can switch the language; the user can enter the text in Hindi or Marathi or any other language. There is another option, if the user speaks any text or message, it will detect it and translate it into the selected language. For entering any language text or message users have to install that particular language keyboard.


  • It helps in understanding any language text or message by translating it
  • The user can also listen to the text
  • It converts audio to text and shares the text with the system
  • The user can use the speech feature to have a conversation
  • It is fast and it’s easy to use