AI-Based Picture Translation App

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Trying to grasp and understand the universal nuances of multiple languages is a whole other game. To date, the only way to translate has been for ‘human translators’ to study many languages and attempt to interpret and bridge language boundaries for various purposes.

The complexities of the characters may certainly put even the most modern technology to the test. Translation applications may be lifesavers when you’re travelling and are surrounded by people who speak or read a language you don’t understand.

The system uses Object Detection from Google Cloud vision API to recognize the object and it is a part of Machine Learning (ML). Similarly, for Text, we are using Text Detection from Google Cloud vision API to recognize the Text, and it is also part of ML.

It translates the text or object into a preferred language. For instance, if a user selects a computer image and Marathi as the preferred language, Google Translation API will translate the recognized image and display the message/output in Marathi.

Another option is available here; the same user must pick the image on which text is accessible, and that text or message will be transformed into the specified language. It will be beneficial if you do not understand any other language text or message, as you will be able to convert it into your understandable language.


  • It is free of cost.
  • Capture an image or get an image from a phone gallery, it will automatically detect and translate it into a selected language.
  • It will help to understand any object or message in any language.
  • It uses a statistical learning approach.