Android File Finder and Sorting App

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Nevon Secure File Access System Android App
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The Android File Finder and Sorting System allow the user to quickly find and sort files. People today lack the patience to accomplish any type of work that may worry them. Patience is essential for completing any of the activities associated with it. The files we keep on our Android phones may not be getting any simpler.

What if there was an application that could make the user’s job easier? Yes, it is doable using the file finder and sorting system. This system will ensure that you can simply discover the files on your mobile phone. This is one of the greatest Android projects for finding and organizing files.

File finder and sorting is a system developed for android phones that helps the user in finding the folder they want. The system can even sort the file according to provided sorting options. It is an application developed effectively using a user-friendly and attractive GUI that produces accurate results. People usually forget the location where they have stored the file. Hence the system is needed for finding the appropriate file for users.

Here, the system has a special feature i.e., the user can mark the file as favorites, so it will be easy to find important files when required. Once the user has added the file to favorites they will find it in the Favorites Folder. It makes it easy to access files. Also, if the user wants, they can delete the file from favorites by just selecting the file.

In comparison to other methodologies, this approach offers very excellent and accurate precision. As a result, the program will be able to suit the needs of the user.


  • The system helps the user to centralize important documents in one place so they don’t waste time on the files they are looking for.
  • The user can view the total file counts, it will make it easier to understand how many files a particular folder holds.