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Mobile applications have become more than entertainment stuff in our lives. Such applications have become increasingly pervasive in such a way that humans are quite dependent on mobile devices and their applications. According to the research conducted by the Statistics website portal, the number of mobile users can reach five billion marks by 2019. So, it’s important to check that our mobile phones are functioning properly.

It becomes very difficult to look for a system that will ease the work of testing the device. The Device Tester App helps in testing the device i.e., mobile phones, and lets you know whether the device is working in the way it was intended to work. This system checks the phone’s hardware, sensors, and components, to make sure everything is operating properly.

The Device Testing App can simplify the testing process of the device i.e., the mobile phone, and limit the possibility of human error during test execution. For instance, the device speaker will be tested. You will hear the music so that you will know how well it’s working. Similarly, it will test the microphone and asks “Is the audio the same”. The device will proceed to test all the working and available sensors on your phone and it will display the results on the screen.

As the usage of mobile devices for performing our activities has expanded, so has the necessity for perfect devices. As a result, it is crucial to do thorough hardware and software testing on the devices to reduce the likelihood of failure.


  • Checks most of the common sensors whether they are working or not
  • All the curtail Hardware components are been check from Camera to GPS, Mic, Speaker etc.
  • Simple and Easy user experience even a layman will know how to use it.