Text to speech Converter project

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This software project is a windows based software that reads a text file to the user. The bot reads a text file and associated pronunciations in its temporary database. The bot then reads an entire word to the user. The pronunciations of articles and basic words have been fed to the bot, the rest of the words and complex ones are calculated and read accordingly. The bot an be effectively used to help read the text document for the user so that the user does not constantly need to look at the screen and read the entire document. Test to speech converter is a recent software project that allows even the visually challenged to read and understand various documents. Get this innovative software project for your research and college/ commercial use along with project documents at affordable rates only at NevonProjects.

  • The system is helpful for persons having learning disabilities or visually challenged.
  • Prevents eye from strain, and user can sit and listen comfortably.
  • Saves time especially while driving, exercising.
  • Easy to use.
  • Help improving spelling, reading, writing skills.
  • Not natural sounding.
  • Cannot read symbols.

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