Enhanced Resort Management System Project

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This software project is an enhanced resort management system that consists of all the features and functions required for effectively managing a resorts along with some new innovative features. The system allows to check for room reservations, advance bookings, current bookings, free rooms, status of the restaurant or party hall in the resort and also the hotel staff payment status through SMS messages. It notifies the system administrator about expiring staff contracts and payment dates in advance. The software system also sends room status notification and when the room was last cleaned or about when last maintenance check was performed on it to the manager or concerned staff. This system can be used to effectively manager large resorts with ease since it notifies concerned people about all the notifications on the desktop as well as SMS messages so that they stay updated wherever they are.

  • Database used in this system is helpful to find out performance of resort, sales per year, and other information.
  • This system is very user-friendly. User with basic computer knowledge can use this system.
  • Databases in Resort management are very dynamic and scalable.

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