Sql Injection Prevention System Php

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An online shop that allows users to check for different cloths for women’s available at the online store and can purchase cloths online. The project consists of list of cloths displayed in various materials and designs. The user may browse through these products as per categories. If the user likes a product, he/she can add it to his/her shopping cart. Once user wishes to checkout he must register on the site first. Once the user makes a successful transaction admin will get report of his bought products. The objective of this project is to develop a secure path for transaction done by the user. Using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technique, the transaction and user account details can be made secured. AES encryption is also used to encrypt the user’s card and password information while transaction.

  • Secured transaction while doing card payment.
  • Less risk of data getting hacked.
  • The system is very secure and robust in nature.
  • SQL Injection prevention mechanism is used.
  • Does not keep track of stock/order.
  • System may provide incorrect results if data not entered correctly.

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