Improved Session Password Based Security System

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Authentication based password is largely used in the computer security and privacy. Most of the traditional passwords are numbers and alphabets character. The unauthorized people can easily identify the password. The identification leads the shoulder surfing attacks. However, human actions such as choosing bad passwords and inputting passwords in an insecure way are regarded as “the weakest link” in the authentication chain. With web applications and mobile apps piling up, people can access these applications anytime and anywhere with various devices. To overcome these problems we introduce a novel authentication system called PassMatrix resist shoulder surfing attacks.
Secure Session Password authentication system is offered that protects users from becoming fatalities of shoulder surfing attacks when inputting passwords in public through the usage of 6×6 square matrix, which is filled with alphabets from a-z and numerical from 0-9. This square matrix is randomly generated on submit of each password character. The matrix provides better security against shoulder surfing attacks, since users use a dynamic pointer to point out the position of their passwords rather than clicking on the password object directly.

  • Helps users to login into their account more securely.
  • Stalker won’t be able to collect the password via shoulder surfing.
  • Complex password technique using character matrix with easy user interface.
  • If user forgets selected axis for password, then he/she need to try entering multiple combinations of password for every axis, which is next to impossible.
  • May provide inaccurate results if data not entered correctly.

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