Solidworks Design & Simulation of 360-Degree Rotating Vehicle

This project is about 360-degree rotating vehicle. This vehicle moves in all directions and this design provides better comfort and also saves the time, most of the people uses this vehicle to carry goods, emergency patients etc. The normal wheel vehicles face lot of problems like parking, U turn and much more which consumes more time. So, we have designed a 360-degree wheel rotating vehicle to reduce and eliminate problems in the industry as well as common life of people. The vehicle can take a turn without moving the vehicle. No extra space is required to turn the vehicle. In this system, each of the 4 wheels has given drive with DC motors, so it can rotate 360 degree. 360-degree rotating wheel is controlled by RF remote. Consequently, we can utilize this 360-degree rotating vehicle from various perspectives like to transport things overwhelming bags and furthermore in vehicles, which will help in decreasing rush hour gridlock and spare time.

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