Smart Diet Monitoring iOS Application

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Smart diet monitoring and consulting application is an artificial intelligence for human dietary plans. This iOS application acts like a dietician, to consult you for your diet based on the body information mentioned. To use this app, the user has to register himself by providing they body type, weight, height, and working hour details. After registering the app will require some basic information of the diet and the application will generate a suitable diet plan for you. Hence, the user does not have to visit any dietician which will save time and money, as the user can get the required diet plan from his app on his phone. This iOS application requires internet connection. The application gives an accurate results, as the data is entered by the user himself and the process depends on the metrics which is already known to the application, which generates and ask the user if they accept the diet plan. If the plan is not as per the user convenience, the app may also give alternate diet plan to the user.

  • Saves time and money of visiting an dieticians.
  • User has to fill all his details himself, which leads to minimize the mistake.
  • There is always an alternate diet plan, if the does not accept the original diet plan.
  • Requires internet connection.
  • Requires an iOS device.
  • If the data inserted by the user is wrong, the diet plan will be accordingly.

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