iOS Furniture Store Project

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An iOS furniture store allows the user to check various categories of furniture available in the store and purchase if need be. This system provides a categorized list of furniture products of different modules and styles. After installing this application, the user have to login into the system and can start browsing each product. If they like any product they can add to cart and purchase the products once they stop surfing for more. Users can make payment with secure online payment via credit card. After the payment is successful, the user receives a conformation of payment email. This application makes it easy for the buyer and the seller to make easy deals to buy and sell the products respectively. The products in the application will be the products that are stored in the database. This application is very easy to use and helps to buy the furniture at the user’s convenience.

  • Automates furniture selling online.
  • Users convenience based shopping.
  • Credit card payment available.
  • Email conformation on payment success.
  • Requires active internet connection.
  • Requires iOS device.
  • Does not keep track of stock.

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