Smart Cab System Using Barcode Scan

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Smart Cab Barcode is a system that provides better service for Cab Drivers as well as Passengers. By using smart cab barcode, you can travel and pay using your travel card and all the payment will be done using this card. Here, we have an Admin who can register Drivers to this system by feeding details and his image into the system. Admin will also register users using his details and image into the system he will get a unique code and traveler’s card with this unique code, using which he can pay in future. Admin also has rights so add balance into the users account and he can view all details of User and Driver. Here, driver’s role is to just scan the user’s card and enter the amount and pick-up and drop location and that amount will be deducted from user’s account and added into the driver’s account. Driver would be able view his transaction history even for specified day. User can add balance into his account using online payment and also he can view details of his travel history.

  • Driver can transfer the money into his bank account when ever needed.
  • User can recharge his accounts using his debit/credit card.
  • Users will get all information about their rides like pick-up point, drop point, charges, etc.
  • Accuracy Issues: A computerized system alone does not ensure accuracy, and the warehouse data is only as good as the data entry that created it.
  • Each driver has to keep one system with him.
  • Requires an active internet connection

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