Cooperative Housing Society Manager Project

The Housing Society Management System allows members to login with their own account and get updated with society happenings. This system is the web portal to reduce conflicts among society members. The system has automated functionality for calculating monthly maintenance bill as well as members can view their bill status using their account. The system provides a unique interface to every user to interact with the system. System accepts queries from users and evaluates the need of the query and fires it over the database and results are displayed to the user. This system of maintaining a society is made in such a manner, so that the most common problem faced in residential societies are solved. In many societies, bills and receipts are being generated manually or they outsource to do it. But this involves lots of cost, time, and also maintain the registers.
In this system the bills, receipts and vouchers are generated in easy manner also the system is user friendly. The other details that can be stored in this system like, member details, etc…

  • It helps the society secretary to handle and manage flat owner’s data.
  • It helps them manage society funds.
  • It brings transparency and efficiency in the working of housing societies.
  • Due dates of upcoming payments can be set so that you can avoid penalties.
  • Any report can be published to the Notice Board with single click, so they can be shared with all residents.
  • Admin can create a workflow to approve notices.
  • Increase work speed: Due to automation of some part of the system work speed will increase.
  • Less paperwork: For the proposed system less paperwork is required.
  • Reduced errors: Due to computerized there are less possibilities of errors.
  • Accuracy Issues: A computerized system alone does not ensure accuracy, and the warehouse data is only as good as the data entry that created it.
  • The system can only handle single society.
  • The system does not include bank payment, dd, cheque status.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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