Secure Remote Communication Using DES Algorithm

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The Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm is a widely accepted system for data encryption that makes use of a private (secret) key that was judged so hard to break by the U.s. government that it was confined for exportation to different nations. There are more than 71,000,000,000,000,000 (71 quadrillion) encryption keys to be used in this algorithm. For any given message, the key is picked at irregular interval from among this colossal number of keys. Like other private key cryptographic routines, both the sender and the collector must know and utilize a common private key. Many companies, governments, military and other fields make use of DES algorithm for secure data transfer over unsecure networks. We here propose a system for secured data transfer over internet by implementing DES encryption and decryption applications over two remote computers. Our system encrypts data over one end and also transmits data over to the other device. The private key is sent over to the other end as an OTP to his email. The receiver must enter the same key at his end to decrypt the received message accurately. Thus we propose a fully automated secure message transfer system that includes encryption as well as key transfer mechanism embedded in a single application that allows for fast, secure and fully automated message transfer using DES algorithm.

  • It is safe communication technique.
  • Main Advantage of this System is that other users will not know what communication is held by the 2 user.
  • DES algorithm can hardly be cracked.
  • It will need much more memory to save encrypted messages, and decrypt receiving messages.
  • Process takes longer time than normal communication.

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