Intelligent PC Location Tracking System

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We usually come across conditions where we need to track the location of a particular PC/Laptop. This conditions arises from security issues as well as companies need to track pc/laptop locations to check the geological location of their online customers. This data is obtained through ip address tracking. The ip addresses issued by internet providers is location dependent. Our systems need to reverse engineer this data in order to get the city of that particular terminal.
We here use a live windows based application as demo ip recorder to capture the ip addresses of terminals. Then we make a reverse lookup to map those ip address into city coordinates. This helps a company to record and track it target customers by plotting them on a map. It help companies take better marketing decisions by checking the geographic spread of their software/product in various cities.
We here propose a system that helps get the ip address of a pc and based on it tracks the ip address on a google map. The system is to be designed to retrieve ip address information of particular PC/laptops and then reverse engineer then into city coordinates. These city coordinates are then mapped onto a google map in order to graphically map them on a google map. This provides a robust and efficient PC/lap top tracking system for companies as well as cyber crime that allows for instant ip retrieval and reverse ip looking that PC address to plot it on a google map. This system uses dotnet framework coupled with sql backend in order to achieve this functionality.

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