Secure Lab Access Using Card Scanner Plus Face Recognition

Research laboratories funded by private or government organizations are of strategic importance to a country. A lot of sensitive research is carried on in such laboratories. The confidentiality of such premises is of prime importance for the benefit of the society. At such time it becomes necessary to ensure high level authentication and authorization of personnel entering such facilities. A single form of authentication/authorization is not enough for these sensitive organizations. Here we propose a system that combines two different forms of authentication techniques to ensure only authorized persons access the premises. Our system integrates biometrics with secure card to create a dual secure high end security system never implemented before. The system first checks if the persons face is registered as an authorized personnel in its database. If the face matches, the person is allowed to go to the next stage. At this stage the user needs to scan his card into the system. If the card associated with that user face is scanned, that particular user is then granted access to the system. Else if the authentication fails at even one stage the user is not allowed to enter the premises.

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