Government Security Using Face Authentication And Card Scanner

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Government systems store sensitive data which should not be altered or compromised at any cost. To protect the data confidentiality of such sensitive data a high end security system is required. Well when it comes to high end security, usually one form of authentication does not fit. In such cases we must go with more than one form of authentication. Forms of authentication include:

  • Biometrics
  • Smart cards
  • Passwords

Here we propose a system to improve the security for secure government data by coupling two different forms of authentication vis: biometrics + smart cards. Here we tend to use face recognition algorithms to identify user face and then allow him to next level of authentication. At the next stage user needs to swipe his smart card in front of a scanner in order to to get access. User needs to go through both the forms of authentications in order to get access to the system. If user clears both stages he gets further access, else he is denied access. Thus we combine two different secure forms of authentication to make an ultra secure authorization system for government system access.

  • The system provides an improved security system for government.
  • It uses biometric authentication for better security.
  • Smart card is easy to scan and secure.
  • The system is convenient to use no need to remember any passwords.
  • It saves their time and efforts.
  • The system dosen’t recognize properly in poor light so may give false results.
  • The system does not recognize faces from side view.
  • It can only detect face from a limited distance.

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