Secure File Sharing Using Access Control

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Now a day’s sharing important files are very risky. So we have created a hybrid solution for file storage on cloud. This is an advanced system where User 1 can select a file from his phone and enter a key for that file. For Uploading the File is broken in 2 separate chunks and these chunks are encrypted by AES and DES algorithm respectively and then they are stored on cloud server side. Then user 1 selects another user with whom he will share the file with. User 2 receives and SMS with Encrypted key. We will use Blowfish algorithm for key Encryption.
User 2 will login into the application using his credentials. On the Home page he can view all the files shared with him. When user tries to access them, application will check for the SMS automatically, and if encrypted SMS from the User 1 was found, Application will start the decryption process. For decryption both the encrypted files are decrypted one by one and then merged together.

  • The User has to Login to use the app features.
  • 3 types of Encryption is used; AES, DES and Blowfish.
  • Files are stored on the Server.
  • Files cannot be lost.
  • Only the receiver can decrypt the file.
  • System auto decrypts everything.
  • It requires an active internet connection.
  • For sending messages the user should have top up.

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