Android Video Encryption & Sharing

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The Sharing and Surfing of Real Time Video project is quite similar to YouTube application in some functionality. The source video is uploaded by the user itself which undergoes through various process which takes care of video security. In this system, video will be saved in encrypted form and stored in database. Encryption in form of AES and Blowfish algorithm and decrypted also in same form. In this system, a video is divided into two parts, one part is encrypted in AES form and other part is divided into blowfish encrypted format. In other form the whole video divide into AES encrypted form and then Blowfish form and decrypted Vice versa in downloading process. The application makes the sharing of video very secure which makes this developed application unique from others.

  • Videos are kept secured which are encrypted using AES and Blowfish.
  • Share video option to a specific user on uploaded videos by the user.
  • Granting and Revoking access from the shared video to other users.
  • User can download videos anytime.
  • User can share videos to specific user only.
  • Required an active internet connection required.
  • Huge video files will more time to process.

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