Secondary Level Authentication Using Keystroke Dynamic

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There are many techniques currently used in authentication. The most common is the password. Passwords are convenient as they are easily implemented in software and require no specialized hardware. Users are also familiar with their use. Passwords also suffer from many flaws. Users frequently share passwords, forget passwords, and select poor passwords that may be easily defeated. The Solution for this type of problems are measuring the natures of an individual’s typing which is a technique known as keystroke analysis. Keystroke analysis as a method of behavioral based identification technique based on measuring aspects of individual’s keystrokes. The primary measure that can be taken is duration. Duration measures how long a given key is held down. We can also use other type of keystrokes example first one is we cannot you shift key during login like typing user id and password and the other one is we cannot use mouse for redirecting purpose, these are the type or example which we can use for authentication purpose.

  • The application provides a better security while login.
  • Makes registered user login more safe and secure.
  • Feasibility of using tab key while navigating through fields.
  • Admin can keep a track on user logins and know successful and unsuccessful attempts.
  • May provide inaccurate results if data not entered correctly.

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