School Security System using RFID

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Nowadays, parents are worried about their children because of the high rate of kidnapping. Moreover, parents are having long working hours, so they simply do not have as much time to spend with their children Moreover, they will be persuaded by kidnappers before they enter school. So, it is the responsibility of the school to take care of their students and they also know in time and are able to send an alert message to their parents if the students are not at the school at school start time.

Our School Security System using RFID ensures the safety of the students by making their parents aware of the various important status of their students like in-time, out-time, and everything about their arrival. By using RFID technology, it is easy to track the student thus enhancing the security and safety in the selected zone. The information about students such as in time and out time from Bus and campus will be recorded to a web-based system. The parents can also apply for leaves using this system.

Considering the anomalies in the existing system computerization of the whole activity is suggested after the initial analysis. The proposed system is accessed by three entities namely, Admin, Parent and School authority person.

Admin needs to log in with their valid login credentials first in order to access the android application. After successful login, the admin can access all the modules and perform/manage each task accurately. Admin can perform tasks such as adding class details, registering new students with basic and academic details and creating login credentials for parents, managing registered student details by updating or deleting them and viewing IN and OUT time of every student.

Parents need to log in with the ID and password provided by the admin. Parents can view their children’s details and also can view/monitor their IN and OUT time. The parents can also apply for leaves with regard to their child.

The school authority person will scan every student’s RFID tag on arrival at school. In and Out time will be recorded on student arrival and while leaving school premises respectively.
In this system, the front end involves XML and the back end involves MSSQL. The programming language is JAVA. And the IDE used Android Studio.


  • This system ensures the security of the students.
  • Reduces crime and illegal activities.
  • Reduce worries among parents.
  • Reduce paperwork and save time and money with mobile and cloud-based attendance management systems.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entries and errors in time and attendance entries.
  • Improve visibility to track and manage student attendance & absenteeism across multiple campuses.
  • Easy attendance recording using RFID based attendance system.
  • Keep the parents informed about the student’s performance via SMS alerts.
  • Increased security and confidentiality with role-based permissions to users.