Contact Recognition App Using Fingerprint Sensor

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High-security authentication systems are essential to safely access the Internet or any other important resource. However, studies show that users usually choose weak passwords, frequently re-use passwords across multiple sites, and often forget them. According to the 2002 NTA Monitor Password Survey, heavy web users have an average of 21 passwords, 81% of users choose a common password, and 30% write their passwords down or store them in a file. Automated identity authentication using fingerprint recognition is an effective solution in such cases.

We have introduced our Contact Recognition System using Fingerprint Sensor to tackle the problem of memorizing passwords and maintaining the security of different identities. A fingerprint is a graphical pattern of ridges and valleys on the surface of a human finger. Due to the uniqueness and permanence of fingerprints, they are among the most reliable human characteristics that can be used for personal identification.

The use of fingerprints in biometric identification has been the most widely used authentication system. The uniqueness of the fingerprint for every human provides us with all we need for faultless identification.

Our android-based project comprises 1 module: User.
The user would need to register first. First, the system will capture the fingerprint data of the user. After the fingerprint is captured successfully, the user would require to enter the contact details. To log in, the user would have to first authenticate their fingerprint. After the authentication is successfully completed, the user can view the profile.

In this system, the front end involves XML and the back end involves SQLite. The programming language used is JAVA. The IDE used is Android Studio.


  • High security and assurance.
  • Fingerprints are non-transferable.
  • High level of accountability.