Android Based Image Steganography

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Maintaining confidentiality is an important and inevitable aspect of cyberspace. Here comes the importance of information hiding. Steganography is the concept of concealing a secret file within another nonsecret and normal-looking file. The word steganography originated from the Greek term “Steganographia”, which integrates the words “steganos” which means “covered or concealed”, and “graphia” which means “writing”. Steganography is really a useful concept for maintaining the security principles like confidentiality and authentication.

Our Android-Based Image Steganography is a simple android system that implements the steganography concept. In this project, image steganography is used so that a text message can be hidden securely in an image. The system is good at effective information hiding and secret communication while maintaining Confidentiality and Authentication.

Our Android-Based Image Steganography comprises 1 module: User.
The user will have the access to encode as well as decode secret messages. The user would require to register first to log in. After registering successfully, the user can log into the system. The user can add a process to the process list by uploading the image, entering the text message, choosing the encryption type and entering the key. Two encryption types are being used here – AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and DES (Data Encryption Standard). The user can also delete any process if they want. They can share the process ID or the encrypted image with other users.

There are two methods of decoding shared messages. If a process is being shared, the user would require to enter the process ID and its key. If an image is being shared, the user would require to upload the image and enter its key.

In this system, the front end involves XML and the back end involves MSSQL. The programming language is JAVA. The IDE used is Android Studio.


  • Secret messages are difficult to detect.
  • The messages can only be detected by the desirous receiver.
  • Provides better security in sharing private information.
  • Along with hiding secret information, Steganography also conceals the communicating parties.