Advanced Room Booking System Project

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An advanced room booking system project that allows user to check for various rooms and book available rooms by taking the room payment and also provides additional optional things such as gym membership, Jacuzzi and additional bed addition along with associated charges to the user as needed.

The project modules are listed as below:

  • User may register on the system.
  • User may Check various rooms and see which ones are available.
  • User may now Book rooms accordingly with from and to date.
  • User can also tick and avail other optional facilities such as gym membership, Jacuzzi and additional bed addition.
  • After this the total bill is calculated and user may pay online through cc to book the room.

  • Sometimes it happens that the rooms get booked soon when one visits the place therefore user can make advance booking using this system.
  • It saves user time in search of rooms.
  • The system generates online bill for requested days and even sends an email.
  • User can pay online on the spot.
  • It saves organization resources and expenses.
  • The booking process usually requires a customer identity which the system cannot detect.

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