RFID Based Smart EVM For Reducing Electoral Frauds

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This paper describes the design, operation of smart EVM to improve the election process by avoiding the electoral fraud and to ensure safety, security, reliability, guarantee and transparency and smooth conduct of elections in the country as the voting is of crucial importance in the society where people determine its government. This paper talks about an innovative approach for voting process where the device communicates with the RFID tag which is embed in the voter ID card. When the voter scans his card, his/her data is being checked in the system after which the system generates an OTP and sends the message to the user’s mobile (voter). The voter inserts the password and if the password is confirmed then the person is allowed to vote and this process is repeated for every person.

  • Fast and easy way of conducting Election.
  • Voters can view background of each Candidate.
  • Candidate can present themselves against voters.
  • Admin can verify the documents and details of Candidate.
  • System Generated Unique ID and Password gives more Secure Logins.
  • Result will be calculated by the system.
  • Every voter does not have pc or net connection, so voters can even go in polling booth and vote online there.

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